One of the largest integrated chemical companies of India

The first site is amongst the greenest chemical complexes in the world

First private sector company of India inaugurated by its first Prime Minister

Serving society in several diverse fields since 1952

Parnera, the beautiful hillock adjacent to Atul stands strong and continues to inspire us

Our Businesses
To enhance focus, Atul has placed products belonging to the 2 reporting segments,
Life Science Chemicals and Performance and Other Chemicals under 9 Businesses.
The name Atul is a unique asset, which amongst others, represents a rich heritage of values.
  • since

  • and
    450 formulations

  • belonging to 27 industries across 92 countries

  • endeavouring for excellence

The economic-environment-social structure of sustainability is closely knit into the philosophy and purpose of Atul.

Life with Atul
At Atul, we strive to ensure that every member of our team is given an opportunity to pursue their passion and realise their aspirations.

  • April 15, 2023: Atul Ltd was presented with the Trishul Award by CHEMEXCIL
  • November 2021: Lacare AM 70
  • May 2020: COVID-19: winning together


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